Privacy policy


Laboratory Experiments

In order to participate in experiments conducted by researchers of the School of Economics at the University of Queensland, a person has to register and accept the Privacy Policy.

By registering, you indicate your intention to take part in experiments conducted by researchers of the School of Economics.

Rules for laboratory experiments
  • For each experiment, a certain number of registered persons will get an invitation email. Only the invited persons have the right to take part in the experiment.
  • In the case that you get an email which invites you to participate in a particular experiment, you have to indicate your commitment to participate by clicking the link in the email.
  • For each experiment, a small excess number of participants will be invited to avoid delays from individuals not showing up. The first invited persons arriving at the experiment's location will participate. Participants who are invited and cannot participate due to capacity constraints or other failures are compensated with a show-up payment of $5.
  • Each participant receives a payment (typically at the end of the experiment) which depends on the decisions made during the experiment, sometimes the decisions of other participants, and the type of the experiment.
  • During an experiment, each participant will have to act upon the rules stated by the experimentalists in the instructions.
  • People who give their agreement to take part in a particular experiment have to keep in mind that if they do not turn up or turn up late then the experiment might be cancelled because of a lack of participants.

Therefore, by registering for laboratory experiments, you agree with the following statements:

I have been informed that if I do not turn up or turn up late for an experiment I have been enrolled for, I will not receive any payment. In the case I am unable to attend an experiment for which I have been recruited I must provide a minimum of 24 hours notice to the experimenters. If I do not warn the experimenters at least 24 hours before the commencement of the experiment I have to write an explanation for my inability to attend if I wish my probability of being recruited in the future not to be negatively affected. The plausibility of the explanation will be evaluated by the experimenters.

Moreover, each time you do not turn up for an experiment you have been enrolled for, without informing the experimentalists on time or providing any plausible reason, a distinctive mark will be added to your reputation score (see your personal data on the web site once you have registered online). The more distinctive marks you have the lower your chances to be invited for future experiments. Once your reputation score contains three distinctive marks, you will not be invited anymore to take part in experiments.

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